Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Are there any print newspaper writers left out there?

I've just started on the summer semester, teaching my online course Writing Across Media, for the New School University (New York). Although I'm an avid reader of the printed media, daily (yes, Luddite that I am, I still need my fix of printers ink on paper to feel that my day has been justified. I really appreciated this short article in yesterday's Guardian, which also appeared online in Comment is Free, where the writer (Harriet Sherwood), recently sent to Jerusalem, to be the in situ correspondent, talks about the stresses laden on reporters these days with all the different commitments to meet. There's the many column inches to write, about the unfolding tricky subject to write about (the flotilla to Gaza), as well as demands to be up to date with Twitter, to do audio interviews, take pictures of everyone she interviews, contribute to a blog and make a video. So where, she asks is the time to really focus on the story, go out and meet people, talk to contacts, get the behind-the-scene views, the vox-pop comments?

Read the article in the link attached. It's genuine food for thought and could lead to lots of discussion. As she ends her heartfelt piece: 'Will I be able to stick to my notion of what a foreign correspondent is for, as well as meeting the need to get news out on the web fast and frequently? The next few years will tell.'


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